You look like a little puppy. <3


What a cute comment!! QoQ <333 Funnily enough, a while ago I actually wanted to commission someone to make me some little white puppy ears, but I’m waiting to get a reply back. :)

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My newest baby is here!! &lt;3 He’s so fluffy and adorable! Hummm.. 


My newest baby is here!! <3 He’s so fluffy and adorable! Hummm.. 

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Blue Magical Girls (1993 - 2014)


Pink Magical Girls (1995 - 2014)

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Hey guys! Today I’ll be announcing my second giveaway, kindly sponsored by! I really want to thank you all for following me and I hope you will like the giveaway -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ


There will be two winners and each of them can choose one pair of circle lenses from UNIQSO


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You can reblog as much as you want —> more reblogs = more entries,

but make sure you don’t spam your followers and if you reblog too many times “in a row” it could be that tumblr won’t show your entries

Likes do not count but you can like it for a reference

The winners will be chosen on the 30th of April per and have to respond within 42 hours after I inboxed them. If I don’t get a respond I’ll chose a different winner / different winners!

Good luck! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Apart from the giveaway, when you buy from UNIQSO you can use my coupon code “Kairi” to get 10% off!

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easter outfit&lt;3

easter outfit<3

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Fluttershy My Little Pony